Preparing for London – Part II

Jul 23

It’s now Thursday, and as the race on Sunday creeps nearer and nearer, the nerves are definitely starting to set in a little more.  I still don’t feel scared though, kind of feels like when I was a child waiting for the school holidays so I can go off and cause some mischief!  I’m so excited to have tickets for tomorrow’s (Friday’s) competition as well.  I know getting into the stadium and feeling the environment and the atmosphere is going to be such a good preparation tool for my own race.  I also get to see Bolt, Farah and Kilty competing which I’ve been wanting for such a long time.  Really feels like something special being able to go onto the same track as these legends of the sport.

Reflecting After Training

Reflecting After Training

Preparing for London – Part I

Jul 21

In my last post I wrote about my invitation to compete at the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games.  As we are now just days away, the fact that I’m going to be competing at the Olympic Stadium, in front of as many as 54,000 people is finally starting to sink in – this is going to be awesome!  My preparations for this race specifically started at the beginning of last week, when my wife and I went away for a weekend with Emily to a family friendly spa in the New Forest.  Not my normal preparation, but just being able to get away with the girls and relax and get my head in the right place for the build up to London was such a good opportunity for me.  Relaxing in the pool, massage and lots of food and sleep really got me ready for a hard week of training last week, and a lighter recovery and fine-tuning week this week.

Spa Weekend

New Forest Spa Weekend

Berlin Grand Prix – Part I

Jun 17

So we’ve finally arrived at my first proper international competition. This will be the first time that I’ve raced under an international license, with an international classification against some of the best international athletes in my classification. It’s fair to say I’m a tad nervous, but definitely more excited. I arrived in Berlin on Monday to give me good time to get into a rhythm and check out everything I need to before going into the race on Sunday.

Welcome to Berlin

Welcome to Berlin (picture Roger Keller)