It’s now Thursday, and as the race on Sunday creeps nearer and nearer, the nerves are definitely starting to set in a little more.  I still don’t feel scared though, kind of feels like when I was a child waiting for the school holidays so I can go off and cause some mischief!  I’m so excited to have tickets for tomorrow’s (Friday’s) competition as well.  I know getting into the stadium and feeling the environment and the atmosphere is going to be such a good preparation tool for my own race.  I also get to see Bolt, Farah and Kilty competing which I’ve been wanting for such a long time.  Really feels like something special being able to go onto the same track as these legends of the sport.

Reflecting After Training

Reflecting After Training

Yesterday was my last planned media piece prior to the games, some filming and an interview with Forces TV for broadcast on Friday – talking Invictus Games, family, Help for Heroes and, of course, the race on Sunday.  Yesterday’s training session was a technical session plus some starts just to really zero-in on the technical side of my racing.

Trackside Interview with Forces TV

Trackside Interview with Forces TV

I had my last track session this morning, another little sharpener working entirely in my least favourite lane, lane 1, in order to give me the best chance of a competitive performance, regardless of lane allocation.  This session was designed to be a light one – a confidence boost going into the weekend.  All that remains now is a quick session in the gym this evening, before heading up to London tomorrow morning to get settled in and watch some sport!

Roger made a point the other day which I hadn’t really thought about – Sunday’s race at the Olympic Stadium is only my 16th race since I took up sprinting, my 19th race on the track in total.  Not a bad progression.  You can see the difference that training properly makes in these photos from my very first race, and from just before my last race show.

Warrior Games 2012 - First Track Race

Warrior Games 2012 – First Track Race

Berlin 2015

Berlin 2015 – just before my last race

Definitely onwards and upwards from here!